The STEMpunk Project: The Humble Washer

In As The World Opens I discussed the deeper appreciation I’ve gained for the infrastructure of civilization as a result of The STEMpunk Project. Today I want to reinforce that theme by satisfying a curiosity I’ve long held about a little piece of metal which is so ubiquitous that it’s nearly impossible to have done much tinkering […]

The STEMpunk Project: Fifth Month’s Progress

Because July was mostly spent reading and watching youtube lectures I’ve opted not to include a picture this month. During the computing module I was able to maintain fairly sharp boundaries between the three different stages, but this was much less so in the electronics module. Trying to make sense of even basic circuits required me to spend […]

Profundis: Space

One of mankind’s crowning achievements has been our ascent to the stars. From time immemorial the twinkling lights in the night sky have drawn the attention of the wonder- and wander-hungry among us, who catalogued them, grouped them into shapes, tracked their movements, navigated by them, and wove them into the rich tapestry of the world’s […]