Peripatesis: Suffering And The Self, Hannibal v. Longus In Northern Italy.

‘Peripatesis’ is a made-up word related to the word ‘peripatetic’, which is an adjective that means ‘roaming’ or ‘meandering’. I’ve always liked to think of knowledge as a huge structure through which a person could walk, sprint, dive, climb, or fly in as straightforward or peripatetic a fashion as they like. Here’s are my recent wanderings and wonderings: Harris, […]

Atheism’s Bad Arguments: Who Designed The designer?

Atheists have bad arguments, too. Consider the perennial favorite “if God created everything, then who created God”? The supposedly fatal infinite regress (IR) has appeared in the writing of atheist icons Dawkins and Hitchens, not to mention in the comments threads of an uncountable number of internet debates.  I’m not guiltless either, as I frequently brandished […]

Sam Harris on Death, I.

(Rough) Outline The reality of death and what it means (00:00 – 20:00) What is now? (21:30 – 25:00) Shifting perception and a small experiment (27:30 – 37:00) Consciousness and experience (37:30 – 40:00) Words of advice (40:15 – 45:00) Summary At the 2012 Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne Australia, Sam Harris delivered a talk […]