Profundis: “Crystal Society/Crystal Mentality”

Max Harms’s ‘Crystal Society’ and ‘Crystal Mentality’ (hereafter CS/M) are the first two books in a trilogy which tells the story of the first Artificial General Intelligence. The titular ‘Society’ are a cluster of semi-autonomous sentient modules built by scientists at an Italian university and running on a crystalline quantum supercomputer — almost certainly alien […]

Literary Criticism as Applied Apophenia

Growing up I had far more books than friends, and have been writing regularly since I was about seventeen. In high school I was a voracious reader of “the classics”; with the lamp on late into the night I’d turn the pages of Hemingway and Dickens, not caring to wait for the English class in which they’d be taught. Owing […]

A Menagerie of Hateful Beasts

After sharing an article recently on Facebook which recounted one person’s experience with mental illness, the response I received was enthusiastic enough that I felt compelled to write an essay that I’ve been meaning to get around to for some time. Like many others, I have struggled with bouts of depression and mild anxiety throughout my life, […]

Sam Harris on Death, I.

(Rough) Outline The reality of death and what it means (00:00 – 20:00) What is now? (21:30 – 25:00) Shifting perception and a small experiment (27:30 – 37:00) Consciousness and experience (37:30 – 40:00) Words of advice (40:15 – 45:00) Summary At the 2012 Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne Australia, Sam Harris delivered a talk […]