Polyprofundis: June, 2018

I READ THE FOLLOWING 9 BOOKS IN JUNE –“Matriarch: Queen Mary and the House of Windsory”, Anne Edwards. This lively examination of one of Great Britain’s famous modern queens at once humanizes the great lady while detailing the consequences, good and bad, of her astonishing devotion to the monarchy. She took her duty as a […]

WorldSys: Austrian Home Study Course, Week 27

READINGS: Various articles on patent law from Gene Callahan 1 Describe Amazon.com’s patent. Amazon patented the idea of buying items on the internet with a single mouse click. 2 What did British Telecom announce as its patented innovation? Hyperlinks (!) 3 Why does Callahan challenge Gleick’s statement that “[patent law] fueled industrial progress in the […]

WorldSys: Austrian Home Study Course, Week 26

READINGS: “Private Security” in Bob Murphy’s Chaos Theory. 1 What is anarcho-capitalism? The most thorough possible endorsement of private property rights and free markets. Anarcho-capitalists believe that infrastructure, healthcare, police, armies, and everything else should be provided by the private sector. 2 Are all Austrians anarcho-capitalists? Today, it definitely seems that way, but historically many […]

Polyprofundis: May, 2018

“Polyprofundis” is a made-up word meaning roughly “a series of profundae”. It’s just a fancy way of briefly summarizing books I’ve read.  –“Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth”, Ludwig Von Mises. This book-length essay, published in the beginning of the 20th century, was and is among the strongest critiques of socialism ever written. Mises forcefully […]