The STEMpunk Project: Fourth Month’s Progress

Throughout the STEMpunk Project I’m going to try to take a picture each month of the books I’ve read and projects I’ve completed, as sort of a visual metaphor for my progress.

Here’s what I accomplished in June:


I didn’t add any books to my pile because, like in the first stage of the electronics module I wanted to spend a lot of time tinkering. This was accomplished with the Elenco Electronics Playground (EEP, big toyish thing in right corner), the Sparkfun Inventor’s Kit and the Sparkfun Inventor’s kit for Photon (both shown directly behind and above the EEP), and the Elenco soldering practice kit (to the left of the EEP). I also included a soldering iron and wire stripper I used while learning to solder.

The table is starting to look a little busier!

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