The STEMpunk Project: Third Month’s Progress

Normally I include an image in these summary posts, but since I spent pretty much all of May working on Mike Meyers’ “CompTIA A+” the picture would look nearly identical to last month’s.

That book was much more formidable than I thought it would be, but I have to say that it was well-written, thorough, and extremely informative. In order to finish before the month was over I had to skip some less important chapters, which I plan on revisiting when all of this is over.

I managed to get five STEMpunk-relevant blog posts published:

While I’m happy with this list there are still three or four posts which I didn’t have time to finish. The biggest one is “How Computers Work, II”, which I’m still planning on writing and which will hopefully be done some time this month. I chose to put it off in favor of diving into the Electronics module, which so far is off to a very strong start!


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