The STEMpunk Project: Second Month’s Progress

Throughout the STEMpunk Project I’m going to try to take a picture each month of the books I’ve read and projects I’ve completed, as sort of a visual metaphor for my progress.

Here’s what I got done in April (minus the little model engine, which I forgot to include this time):


I’ll admit that the table is still pretty sparse, and I had hoped to have a Desktop PC to include in the photo by this point. But I did manage to make the following additions to the “object” stack on the left:

  1. Nisan and Schocken’s “The Elements of Computing Systems”
  2. Ron White’s “How Computers Work”
  3. William Stallings’ “Computer Organization and Architecture”

My focus in Stage II of the Computing module was mostly on “The Elements of Computing Systems”, so I only read sections of the works by White and Stallings which were most relevant to that book. These three volumes, when read together, are a very thorough introduction to computing and its foundations. While I never took the relevant classes in college, I imagine that if you threw in a discrete mathematics textbook and a few programming tutorials you’d have roughly the equivalent of a minor in computer science.

I also added Thomas Sterner’s “The practicing Mind” to the “meta” stack on the right. Sterner’s book read like a version of “The Art of Learning” that had been stripped of most of the biographical content. They complement one another nicely with their similar content, presentation, and style.

The rest of May is going to finishing the CompTIA A+ book and prepping for the Electronics module. I’m also toying with the idea of continuing to study my CompTIA material lightly in the background after the Computing module is done. Stay tuned!

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