Build a Distraction Levee

There is a vignette near the beginning of Cal Newport’s “Deep Work” which relates the story of a data entry specialist who, fed up with the unrewarding nature of his work, decides instead to learn how to program. His efforts begin earnestly enough, but he soon finds that he is spending nearly all of his time […]

Profundis: Two Serpents Rise

Caleb Altemoc is an associate risk manager at Red King Consolidated, a Craft firm overseen by a powerful, undead skeletal sorcerer. When a demonic infestation in Bright Mirror reservoir threatens the water supply of Dresediel Lex Caleb is sent in to investigate. There he encounters a mysterious woman named Mal, and his pursuit of her brings him face-to-face with power-mad […]

The STEMpunk Project: How Computers Work, I

Because I didn’t have time to do all the coding implementations while reading “The Elements of Computing Systems” by Nisan and Schocken, I wanted to test my understanding of the material by typing up an explanation of how a simple high-level program makes it to binary in the computer built in the book[1]. Posting it here will allow anyone with actual expertise […]