The STEMpunk Project: First Month’s Progress

Throughout the STEMpunk Project I’m going to try to take a picture each month of the books I’ve read and projects I’ve completed, as sort of a visual metaphor for my progress.

Here’s what I got done in March (and also in the months leading up to the start of the project):


I know, I know. The lighting is pretty bad and you can’t really make out what’s being photographed. In the future I’m going to put more effort into to getting high quality pictures, but today I just wanted to go ahead and get this one so I don’t procrastinate and wind up not doing it until the middle of the month.

The books are divided into two stacks, one for “meta” level works on how to learn and reason well, and another for “object” level treatments of computer construction and design. In the future there’ll be many more textbooks in this pile, covering subjects like mechanical engineering and robot building.

That blue thing is a model engine I built near the end of last year as a gauge of how long it takes me to do tasks like that. I’ll probably do another model engine, along with all sorts of other kits, and those will eventually take their place on the table as well.


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