Peripatesis: Chess after Deep Blue; Tarot and Randomness; The Sequences in Lojban; Sovereign Startups

Max Gladstone, author of The Craft Sequence, says: “to what extent is a computer capable of placing the correct moves in a Go game, or a chess game, actually performing the activity humans reflexively describe as “playing go”? A professional chess player develops patience, mental endurance, and profound mental habits required to bend her omnivore-scavenger […]

Profundis: Steve Jobs

Walter Isaacson’s biography of Apple’s late CEO is a powerful, unflinching look into the life and mind of one of the great technological visionaries of modern history. In 2016 it can be hard to remember that Macintosh and Microsoft computers are just machines for acting on and storing bits, but that’s because Jobs successfully made his devices a fashion […]

The STEMpunk Project: Structure

In trying to decide how best to structure this project I ran into some problems that weren’t as salient in the other large-scale learning endeavors with which I am familiar. Describing these problems and my strategies for solving them might prove useful to others wanting to plan out there own projects. To start with I had no idea in […]

The Kasparov Window

The world is a buzz with discussion of Google’s AlphaGo program beating Korean Go player Lee Sedol, considered by many to be one of the best players on Earth, in the first three matches they played. Lee was able to take the fourth match, however, by deliberately playing lower probability moves that managed to confuse […]