Peripatesis: Paths To Superintelligence.

‘Peripatesis’ is a made-up word related to the word ‘peripatetic’, which is an adjective that means ‘roaming’ or ‘meandering’. I’ve always liked to think of knowledge as a huge structure through which a person could walk, sprint, dive, climb, or fly in as straightforward or peripatetic a fashion as they like.

Here’s are my recent wanderings and wonderings:

This week has been especially busy, and so little in the way of reading got done.

Bostrom, N. Superintelligence, p. 22-51

Beginning in the second chapter Bostrom discusses a number of paths to superintelligence, including evolving one, programming a seed AI which bootstraps itself to superintelligence, emulating a human brain in a computer, improving human cognition, improving brain-computer interfaces, and designing smarter organizations.

The most direct path to superintelligence is more likely to involve programming a seed AI than it is augmenting human brains or organizations, so it makes more sense to focus on that route.

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